Harrison County, Missouri
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Harrison County, Missouri


Less than a century ago, the territory comprising this county was a wild, unbroken waste, inhabited by the howling wolf, the fleet-footed deer, the roaming buffalo and the untutored Indian. Then came the white man, and all was changed, and the hum of peaceful industry is heard on every side. Where once the council fire blazed and the wigwams of the Redman stood, commercial, industrial and social institutions have developed.

The rank and file of the people, each performing his duty at the right time and place, make the history of any locality. This work, therefore, contains personal sketches of many who have been identified with the development of Harrison County. George W. Wanamaker, Bethany, Missouri, September 1, 1921 

What's New in Harrison County, Missouri
First Settlers, Harrison County, Missouri (432 Names)
First Settlers (21 Names)
Land Opened for Entry
Country Life

County Records
Early Records
County Officers
Early Marriages
Pioneer Mills
Court Records, Harrison County Missouri

People of Harrison County
Lawyers of Harrison County
Newspapers of Harrison County, Missouri
Pioneer Churches

American Red Cross
Lodges and Societies (Men)
Women's Societies and Unions

Family Reminiscenses
Allen Family, Bethany
Mazie Family, Cypress Township
Templeman Family, Bethany
Tucker Family James G., Bethany
Tucker Family A. J., Cainsville

Harrison County Military
Spanish American War, 1914
Mexican Border War, 1916

Mormon War, 1846
World War I, 1917 (688 Names)
Company G, 1917, Bethany
Gold Star Members, (36 Names)
Commissioned Officers (40 Names)
Statistical Summary of the War with Germany

Companies of the Civil War

Cities, Townships and Villages
Cities, Towns and Villages, Harrison County
County Seat, Harrison County, Missouri
County Seat and County Buildings
Townships, Harrison County, Missouri

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Source: History of Harrison County, Missouri, by Geo. W. Wanamaker, Historical Publishing Company, Topeka, 1921


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